Catrice Cosmetics And Their New Spring/Summer Products

Just in time for the ever blooming Spring that is making it’s way to our chilly shores, Catrice Cosmetics has released some brand new products that are very likely to become staple favourites in your make up bag. Their obscenely affordable price point certainly adds to the allure of the vegan friendly beauty products. Bearing in mind not all Catrice products are vegan friendly but they are one of the few pharmacy stocked brands that very clearly label which products are, so you can buy with complete confidence.

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Instagram Promotions: Should you be doing them?

If you haven’t noticed, although Instagram seems to be one of the most loved social media platforms especially for the likes of bloggers, influencers and brands. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to be seen on people’s feeds. Algorithm changes have been the biggest obstacle to overcome in the last couple of years. Basically of you don’t comment or like on photos of someone you follow just enough Instagram decides you don’t want to see content from them and they just don’t appear in your feed anymore. If your post doesn’t receive enough likes or comments in the first few minutes after you have posted, that post is also deemed ‘not wanted’ and hidden to a certain degree from your followers.

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[AD Gifted] Vegan Gummy Vitamins – The gummy bear that gives back!

*I received the gummy vitamins from Vegums at 50% off but all thoughts and comments are my own.

So you’re Vegan. You’ve fixed yourself up with some pretty reliable protein sources. You have your meat replacements stocking up your freezer nicely so you won’t be missing out on Spaghetti and Meat Balls Saturday any time soon but your last port of call, and probably one of the most important things to consider when riding the vegan waves, is your supplements. Specifically where you are planning on getting your B12 from.

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